Box Truck Advertising is available for all major metropolitan cities. Just as Lunch/Coffee Trucks, Box Trucks are a great out-of-home solution. Trucks run five days a week and eight hours per day and display a much larger ad than our lunch trucks. These trucks are a less costly solution to our billboard trucks and have almost the same ad space.

This will give you an average of 50,000 daily impressions, with a mobile billboard branding your business. These trucks have a variety of stops including: supermarkets, malls, car dealers and other high end facilities. Best of all you choose your target market!

  • Supermarkets

  • Malls

  • Car Dealers

  • Other High End Facilities

  • Rear Panel
    86" x 84"

  • Side Panels
    84" x 168"

Competitive Niche:

Z Innovative Marketing is located in South Florida and has the ability to facilitate campaigns in all major US metropolitan cities with all of our product offerings.