What Can Z Do For You

Z Innovative Marketing (ZimAd) provides a cost-effective solution for companies to “hit the pavement” in the Mobile Advertising marketplace. This includes advertising on lunch trucks, box trucks and mobile billboard trucks. We hit the road in South Florida and are now cruising into many of the top markets across the nation.

-April 2008-

Line-X Truck Bedliners Launch Hispanic Campaign

West Palm Beach, FL- Line-X Spray On Truck Bedliners, who has recently been featured on CMT’s Trick My Truck, also launched a targeted Hispanic campaign with Z Innovative Marketing (ZIMad) in the South Florida region. Line-X specializes in truck bedliner coatings, industrial coatings and blast resistant coatings. With this particular campaign they are focusing on bringing in new clients on jobsites and construction sites.

“We were looking to brand our name in the South Florida market within the Hispanic community and we found the ideal medium with Lunch Truck advertising. We are receiving the qualified phone calls that we were looking for. With the lunch trucks making about 30 stops a day at various construction and jobsites throughout South Florida, our name is constantly out there in the face of our consumers utilizing our products,” stated Louis Morrell Owner of Line-X of Palm Beaches.

-March 2008-

ZIMad Helps Work Truck Trader Stomp the Competition

West Palm Beach, FL,- While determining the best way to distribute their newest publication, the last thing Dominion Enterprises thought about was lunch trucks. Why lunch trucks, you ask? Z Innovative Marketing teamed up with Work Truck Trader to compile an “in your face” marketing campaign while also utilizing the lunch trucks to distribute their free publication. Dominion Enterprises distributes a variety of paid publications on a weekly basis such as Boat Trader, Cycle Trader and Heavy Equipment Trader in the areas of gas stations and convenience stores. They were looking for something new and out of the box, which they were able to find with ZIMad.

“It was a perfect fit” says Chris Brasse Circulation Manager for Work Truck Trader. “We really wanted to find a new creative way to market our publication and this was a great niche. This publication is meant to bring buyers and sellers together and we were able to target both consumers by exposing our 30 lunch trucks to construction and job sites throughout the South Florida region.” Between the advertising and 4,000 weekly publications distributed on the trucks this has assisted Work Truck Trader to achieve the success they were looking for with this magazine.