ZimAd is a leading outdoor mobile marketing agency offering services and products in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. ZimAd is committed to establish effective out-of-home campaign solutions to all of our advertisers. We have the ability to target your consumers and main demographic while they are out on the road. With Lunch Truck Advertising, Truck Side advertising and Mobile Billboards it allows you to get directly in the face of your consumers and delivers your message in a unique way. We have the capability to get very creative with all mobile campaigns as we can distribute sales materials, brochures, publications and do product sampling. Through intense campaign management we can provide you or your client with the results you are looking for.

Product Offerings

  • Mobile Billboards

  • Truck Side Advertising

  • Lunch and Box Trucks

  • Scooter Fleets

  • Elevator Advertising

  • Hotel Key Cards

*Capture the attention of your audience - combine your message with our advertising medium to get results*

Competitive Niche:

Z Innovative Marketing is located in South Florida and has the ability to facilitate campaigns in all major US metropolitan cities with all of our product offerings.