Lunch/Coffee Truck advertising is available for all major metropolitan cities. Lunch Trucks provide “in your face” advertising while also giving you the availability to hand out sales collateral, brochures or conduct product sampling at each stop. Trucks run five days a week and eight hours per day. This out-of-home solution gives you the ability to target your consumer on a daily basis.

Each truck will display a minimum of 5 ads. Trucks will make an average of 25-30 stops each day while being in front of consumers at the following places:

  • Construction sites

  • Marinas

  • Office Parks

  • Warehouses

  • Jobsites

  • Recreational Parks

  • Supermarkets

  • Rear Panel
    26" x 64"

  • Upper Side Panels
    26" x 96"

  • Lower Side Panels
    15" x 30"

  • Inside Economy Ad
    12" x 24"

Competitive Niche:

Z Innovative Marketing is located in South Florida and has the ability to facilitate campaigns in all major US metropolitan cities with all of our product offerings.